Bronze Leaf Gelatine

Dr. Oetker Professional Bronze Leaf Gelatine is a versatile setting agent used in a wide variety of sweet and savoury cooking - soufflés, jellies, homemade ice cream, mousses, cheesecakes, terrines, flans and pies.

Pack size 1kg
  • Softer and more refined than traditional powdered gelatine
  • Delivers a softer mouth texture than traditional powdered gelatine
Bronze Leaf Gelatine
As sold per 100g
Energy 1444 kJ
336 kcal
Fat 0.6g
Of which saturates 0.3g
Carbohydrates 0g
Of which sugars 0g
Protein 84g
Salt 1g
  • Soak the gelatine leaves in cold water for 5 minutes.
  • Squeeze out excess water.
  • Place the soaked leaves in a saucepan and over a very low heat, melt slowly.
  • Do not let the mixture boil as this can prevent a good set being achieved.
  • If using cold ingredients (e.g. cream), add small amount of the cold liquid in a pan with the gelatine and heat until disolved. Gradually add the rest of the cold ingredient to the gelatine mixture. Never the other way around. 

Gelatine (Pork).

*Many of our products are made from natural resources, the composition of which may vary. In the case of modifications the attached mentioned information will not be updated automatically.

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